Vision and Mission


We are a faith community who work in partnership with parents, the
first educators. We bring to life the gospels by following Jesus, ‘the Way,
the Truth and the Life.’ We provide a sanctuary of learning where
students are challenged to take risks, overcome obstacles, and work
with others to grow into the leaders, innovators and problem solvers of


St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School promotes the charisms of St Michael the Archangel, our spiritual warrior and defender, St Mary Mackillop, who never saw a need without doing something about it, and St Joseph who inspired the Josephite sisters (the founders of our school) to serve others. Their stories are reflected through our 3 Houses, Michael, Joseph and Mackillop. Our school is a place of welcome and acceptance, expectant faith, and growing our unique God given abilities.


To empower our students to become confident, resilient and
connected learners and individuals and to build a vibrant Catholic
identity that engages with students, parents and the community.

    Learning is our superpower


The Australian Government encourages schools to communicate the country’s adherence to democratic principles. As noted in our school Vision, St. Michael’s school philosophy supports and values the principles of democracy, on which our great country was founded.

We encourage students, parents and staff to embrace the values of integrity, responsibility, respect, freedom, honesty & trustworthiness, care & compassion, understanding, tolerance & inclusion, doing your best and giving others a fair go. These values are communicated through our policies, curriculum programs, practices in the school, expectations of appropriate social behavior, posters outlining democratic values and flying the Australian flag.

We are indeed fortunate to belong to this great Nation, and to contribute to a spirit of mateship and national pride.

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