Learning & Teaching

Nowadays it is important that we equip students with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to prosper in our modern and ever-changing world. In the setting of a Catholic School the challenge is also to instil in children the skills and confidence to use their talents gifted to them by God, to make a difference in their world.

At St. Michael’s Primary School we aim to make our school a challenging and motivating environment where students value learning and want to do their best. We assist students in developing the skills and understandings that they will need for the future, with our focus being on empowering students so that they have the confidence to use what they know in a broad range of situations. We want our students to become lifelong learners.

We have a dedicated and hard working staff who is committed to providing the best education for your child. Our staff is continually reflecting on their teaching, engage in professional learning and work at providing a safe and secure learning environment for the students at our school.