Student Wellbeing

We want St. Michael’s Primary School to be a happy and safe place for all, where we treat each person in a respectful manner and live with each other in the love of Christ. For school to be a positive experience for students at our school student wellbeing has to be a priority; it is the foundation from which all learning, academic and social, is built.

We believe that it is the responsibility of parents and school staff to work together, leading, guiding and encouraging children, so that the students at our school develop a healthy self-esteem, are optimistic and resilient, and have the capacity to develop positive and caring relationships with each other and with adults in their lives.

To support this environment within the school, we include the following programs and strategies:

  • Bounce Back Program to encourage resilience
  • Explicit teaching of social skills
  • Whole school approach to student management
  • Buddy Program
  • Student Leadership teams
  • Multi-age days
  • Religious Education
  • Participation in Social Justice activities (e.g. Caritas)
  • Games and Hobbies Club one lunchtime per week
  • Seasons – a program to assist students to deal with loss
  • Student support programs
  • Transition programs