Vision and Mission


As a founding school of the Josephite sisters, we are challenged and inspired to live by the example of Mary MacKillop. We see students, teachers and parents as partners in learning, where the worth and dignity of each person is acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated. This is the foundation from which we will nurture and develop self-reliant and confident individuals who will make a difference in the world.


We are committed to creating an inclusive learning community that engages students so that they are motivated, creative and collaborative learners, who are challenged to aim high and are given opportunities to grow in all areas of their lives.

Through the inspiration of the person of Jesus, Scripture and Mary MacKillop, we want to build a vibrant Catholic identity that connects with, and has meaning for, our students, parents and staff.


The Australian Government encourages schools to communicate the country’s adherence to democratic principles. As noted in our school Vision, St. Michael’s school philosophy supports and values the principles of democracy, on which our great country was founded.

We encourage students, parents and staff to embrace the values of integrity, responsibility, respect, freedom, honesty & trustworthiness, care & compassion, understanding, tolerance & inclusion, doing your best and giving others a fair go. These values are communicated through our policies, curriculum programs, practices in the school, expectations of appropriate social behavior, posters outlining democratic values and flying the Australian flag.

We are indeed fortunate to belong to this great Nation, and to contribute to a spirit of mateship and national pride.