Enrolment Information

Enrolment procedures are in line with our Enrolment Policy. In general, this states that an interview with the principal is required before enrolment can be confirmed. Children must have turned five by the 30th April of their first year of school to be eligible for enrolment.

Students of other Faiths will be considered for enrolment provided it does not result in the exclusion of Catholic students. The parents of these students will be required to give an understanding that they will respect the life, nature and identity of the school.

We also have a comprehensive transition program that eases children into the start of their school life. We want this time in your children’s lives to be a positive and happy experience.

For enrolments, interviews and tours of the school, please contact the school office for an appointment with the Principal.

Principal: Mrs Jenny Miller
Address: Davis Street, Heyfield
Phone: (03) 5148 2514
Fax: (03) 5148 3078

We welcome all enquiries about enrolment so please come and visit us.