Let’s Run Australia

Our school is participating in the e-challenge from RHSports and we are seeing how far we can run around Australia by recording the distances run by students during the week and uploading them to the schools list to go into the combined tally. You can see our results online by searching for RHSports get active challenge. We are tracking our progress at school and SRC will be recording this on a map of Australia. We have been amazed at the uptake by students of all ages, who have been running through their recess and lunch breaks to increase our tally. In two days their combined efforts had us past Narooma. We are only on day three but for a small school those kilometres are stacking up. Not only is this a great challenge to improve fitness and feel more connected to each other through a team challenge but it also promotes wellbeing; exercise has been proven to stimulate the production of endorphins, our body’s mood elevators. So not only are we working together to be fitter but also getting happier in the process!

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