School Board

The School Advisory Committee is appointed to assist the school in achieving its goals for education. It provides a formal forum for the Parish Priest, Principal and representatives of staff, parents and parish to work together to ensure we achieve our mission for all children in our school community.

The primary task of the School Advisory Committee is to advise, assist and support  the Principal in the efficient management and development of the school as a Catholic School in accordance with the vision and educational goals of the school, parish and diocese. This collaborative process is very important as it provides an opportunity for the decision making to reflect the viewpoints of all stakeholders in our school community.

What does belonging to the School Advisory Committee involve?

The functions of the School Advisory Committee are as follows:

a) Assisting in the formulation and review of the school’s mission, priorities, goals and policy in conjunction with Parish Priest, principal, school staff and parents, and in accordance with the priorities and policies of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and the Diocese of Sale

  1. Assisting the principal to promote the Catholic ethos of the school
  2. Assisting the principal to provide an appropriate curriculum for the school
  3. Regular monitoring of the school’s financial operation
  4. Maintaining and developing the facilities and infrastructure of the school
  5. Planning for the future
  6. Assisting in the selection of a lay principal in accordance with diocesan guidelines when such an appointment is being made
  7. Working in collaboration with school parent groups
  8. Developing school-community relationships and encouraging home-school interaction
  9. Facilitating the integration of new families to the school community
  10. Supporting local strategies for the promotion of Catholic education
  11. Making annual educational reports to the parish and school community
  12. Assisting the principal with the pastoral care of members of the school community

Who are our current School Advisory Committee?

  • Parish Priest: Father Siju
  • Principal: Jenny Miller
  • Parent Representatives: Beth McKinnon & Sarah Christian
  • Chairperson: Jenny Miller
  • Parents and Friends Representative: Luke Mahony
  • Staff Representative: Jade Wheeler
  • Parish Representative: Barry Donohue